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The 53rd D.C Universe

Welcome to Earth G!

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Ever wonder what the DC universe would be like if the characters were slightly less competent, a lot less angsty, and infinitely more fun?

Well, we did!

Earth G is for people to have fun with D.C Characters. It's not a serious attempt at creating a superhero universe, so it shouldn't be taken in that way. It's about celebrating and making light of the D.C Universe. You're more likely to see characters having food fights than epic scale battles to decide the fate of the universe.

Please take a look around the gallery if you aren't sure of our sense of humour and don't know if it's for you. Characters in the group are always open to being the butt of a be warned.

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow:HOW TO JOIN:bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred:
Step One: Create a character one part you, one part a DC Comics character, and three parts parody.

Step Two: Fill in the Character Application Form and send it to us in a note with the subject "New Earth G Character." We will get back to you!

Step Three: Once you have the go-ahead, you can draw (or have somebody else draw for you if you need) a reference picture of your character. Submit this reference picture to the Earth-G gallery.

Step Four: Once your character reference picture has been accepted into the gallery, you are officially a card-carrying member of Earth G!

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Random from Favourites

Countdown to Four Year Anniversary

Wednesday, July 30th @ 9:59pm

HURRY HURRY YOU GUYS!!! (this is how long you have left to enter the contest)
Time to announce some winners. ;)

Firstly, the GTV Cribs Contest deadline has come and gone so we'll be putting up a People's Choice voting pic soon. Stay tuned.

Secondly, time to announce the winners for the Forever Naughty contest. :clap: There were many entries. It was awesome. :happycry: But also made judging super difficult. :shakefist: Maybe we should think about having fifth and sixth place winners...just so I don't feel so guilty leaving people out. :no: Hmmm...but then if there were only three entries it might make the fifth and sixth place slots look kinda sad. :paranoid: I'll have to think about that. But anyway, here be the winners:

FIRST PLACE (Winner of coloured picture): Tippetarius
SECOND PLACE (Winner of inked picture): ZiaLightheart
THIRD PLACE (Winner of sketch): Scholar-K-Hobbit

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD (Winner of coloured pic): Kamikamiya

Winners can claim their prizes from Me, AlyssaF, Dakt37, Kimagetsu, Dragonslover1, Scholar-K-Hobbit, kamikamiya and slaughterforlaughter. (Scholar will also write a fic instead of a picture if you ask nicely. ;))

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or voted in the People's Choice. :D I'd say it was the contest of the year so far. :nod: But then...I can't remember the others. :shrug:

Now, time to announce the winners of the Annual Anniversary Awards. :icondrumroll-plz: If the voting was close then winners and runners-up will be given. If there were a bunch of different nominations then a list of them will be given. :nod: Here we go:

1) What is your favourite story/picture of the last year?
WINNER: Fwishspot
MENTIONS: Fourth Wall Gone Meta, Something kamikamiya did, Vacation Days (Still Gotta Wear The Mask)

2) What hero character was the most invaluable over the past year?
WINNER: Safari
RUNNER UP: Nightbird

3) What villain character was the most invaluable over the past year?
WINNER: Quandary
RUNNERS UP: Legacy and Vice

4) What contest/project over the past year did you enjoy the most?
WINNERS: Earth-G3 and Forever Naughty
RUNNERS UP: 80s High School AU, Wedding of Nightshade and SS Eric, Halloween

5) Which character would you like to see used more?
WINNER: Awesome Lad
RUNNERS UP: Awesome Mutt, Awesome Woman, Velocity, Double Pisces, Beast Girl, Sage Searchlight Eric, Aquarius

6) Which group would you most like to join...Quandary's Gang (Quandary, Pheonix, Renegade, Amara, Glacier) or Legacy's League (Legacy, Velocity, Voltaic Viscereine, Mastermind, Muckmaw, Barbaric Butterfly)
WINNER: Legacy's League

7) Which new character is your favourite...Double Pisces or Barbaric Butterfly?
WINNER: Double Pisces
(Note: Nearly everyone gave their reasoning that Barbaric Butterfly hasn't been seen BB shouldn't feel too upset. ;))

8) Which of kamikamiya's projects has been your favourite? :bulletgreen: Safari #3 :bulletgreen: Valentine's Day 3014 :bulletgreen: Secret Origins Yan'Dereh :bulletgreen: Schmulp Fiction :bulletgreen: Cute Off
WINNER: Cute Off
All the projects made the list though

9) Zack Snyder has already made one awful superhero movie so he won't be directing Nightbird v Awesome Woman: Glimpse of T.I.T.S. Who should direct it?
WINNER: Edgar Wright
RUNNERS UP: Christopher Nolan, The Admins, Wes Andersen, Gareth Edwards

10) If there was a line of Earth G action figures...which figure would be the one you'd want most? (other than your own)
WINNERS: Awesome Woman, Retconners, Nightbird, Punchinello, Blue Thunder, Double Pisces, Anatomically Correct Safe Searchlight Eric

11) Which crossover, that hasn't happened yet, would you most like to see?
WINNERS: Hunger Games, Pirates, Barbaric Butterfly meets Safari, Characters meet their creators, Marvel 616, Star Wars, Earth G3, Shrek

12) Which character would you most like to give a makeover to?
WINNER: Safari (Note: Just so Kami doesn't take this badly...everyone gave their reasoning as it not being about not liking her costume. They just wanted to play around with outfits for her. ;))
RUNNERS UP: Snarker, Knight, Scary, Punchinello, Impakt, Awesome Woman

13) If you were the sole admin for Earth G for a day and had complete control, what would you do?
WINNERS: Make everyone wear hats, Everything is X rated, New 52, Make everyone draw Green Strike all day, Make a contest about my characters, Stop the admins from fishing for ideas with awards and polls, Bring about moral decay

14) Which of these would you most like to see...:bulletred: Nightbird v Awesome Woman: Glimpse of T.I.T.S :bulletred: Impakt The TV Series :bulletred: Gotham: The Widdle Owl Years :bulletred: Thunder Season 3 :bulletred: P.U.S YEAH! The Animated Series
WINNERS: Nightbird v Awesome Woman and P.U.S YEAH!

15) Which character has had the best moment over the past year?
WINNER: Nightshade's Wedding
Mentions: Legacy, Green Strike

16) Who would be most likely to not show up to the award ceremony?
WINNER: Awesome Woman
RUNNERS UP: Lord Lazarus, Mastermind, Starburst, Nightbird, The Answer

17) Which character would be most likely to have a scandal?
WINNERS: Plantae and Nightbird
RUNNERS UP: Quandary, Vice, Safari, Awesome Woman

18) What existing DC product would you like there to be an Earth G version of?
WINNERS: Velocity 9, Injustice: Gods Among Us, T-Shirts, Flash Museum, Heroclix, An overarching plot, Kotobukiya statues

19) What is your favourite character/sidekick pair? :bulletblue: Blue Thunder/Green Strike :bulletblue: Wonder Momo/Airforce :bulletblue: Quandary/Quagmire :bulletblue: Punchinello/Nerds
WINNER: Blue Thunder/Green Strike

20) Whose concert would you most like to go to...Double Pisces or Hamlin?
WINNER: Double Pisces (Note: Most people were concerned about what a full Hamlin concert might make them do.)

There we are. :phew: Who says the Admins fish for ideas with award categories and polls? :paranoid: If that's going on it's got nothing to do with me. :cough: :iconwhistleplz:

Thanks to everyone who voted. :D It's always cool seeing the responses people give...even if they are accusational. :iconiseewhatyoudidthere: Begin the countdown to the fifth anniversary! :w00t: We'll have to do something extra special for that one. :plotting:
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Would you like there to be a list of all known Earth G alternate universes? 

12 deviants said Yes
4 deviants said Earth G has alternate universes?
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