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Welcome to Earth G!

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Ever wonder what the DC universe would be like if the characters were slightly less competent, a lot less angsty, and infinitely more fun?

Well, we did!

Earth G is for people to have fun with D.C Characters. It's not a serious attempt at creating a superhero universe, so it shouldn't be taken in that way. It's about celebrating and making light of the D.C Universe. You're more likely to see characters having food fights than epic scale battles to decide the fate of the universe.

Please take a look around the gallery if you aren't sure of our sense of humour and don't know if it's for you. Characters in the group are always open to being the butt of a be warned.

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow:HOW TO JOIN:bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred:
Step One: Create a character one part you, one part a DC Comics character, and three parts parody.

Step Two: Fill in the Character Application Form and send it to us in a note with the subject "New Earth G Character." We will get back to you!

Step Three: Once you have the go-ahead, you can draw (or have somebody else draw for you if you need) a reference picture of your character. Submit this reference picture to the Earth-G gallery.

Step Four: Once your character reference picture has been accepted into the gallery, you are officially a card-carrying member of Earth G!

Gallery Folders

Superhero in Trouble by ShadowDancerBrony
DO IT FOR THE VINE by sweetsnow73
Thrift Shop by sweetsnow73
You're in treble now! by starship-nope
Main Character Refs
Alter Ego Final by Kira-kitty15
Headshot Final by Kira-kitty15
Stealth Final by Kira-kitty15
Fighter Final by Kira-kitty15
Secondary Character Refs
Kamikaze Crew- Norah Cliffton by Lezithian
Now With More Awesome by Spoiler-Emblem
Lynx Refrence by ZiaLightheart
EG- Thats just Awesome by Spoiler-Emblem
Comic Book Covers
Clique by The-G
Starburst Beyond by starship-nope
Everyone flies in the future- by starship-nope
Welcome To The Jungle by The-G
Multi-Page Comics
Nightbird: Arkham Knight 3 by kamikamiya
Nightbird: Arkham Knight 2 by kamikamiya
Nightbird: Arkham Knight 1 by kamikamiya
BirdNight by The-G
EGO-Con Passaround Comic - Page Two by Dakt37
Deleted Scene 5D by The-G
Fwishpot Aftermath: Safari and Starburst by kamikamiya
Group Pictures
Charging Station by ShadowDancerBrony
Kamikaze Krew- SHE OWNS YOU by Lezithian
Mistletoe Safari by Lezithian
The Good Guys Do it Again! by starship-nope
Comic Strips
Kamikamaze Krew Entry Prt 2: The Line Up by kamikamiya
Unlikely Duo by kamikamiya
B-day: Starburst Glomps The Marvel Universe by kamikamiya
EGO-CON: 24 Contest by kamikamiya
Nightlight by DragonsLover1
Earth G Tumblr Banner by starship-nope
Double Team by The-G
Flutter by The-G
Written Works
1 2 3 4 Whoa! by Dakt37
never gonna give you up by KnownasSpooks
Awesome Woman
Cue Dramatic Music by starship-nope
Soooooo Exciting: Awesome Woman's B-Day by kamikamiya
Beast Girl
Chibi Beast Girl by DragonsLover1
Blue Thunder
First Strike by The-G
Bronze Bowman
Styling: Bronze Bowman B-Day by kamikamiya
Captain Image
Nightlight Wedding: Game Time by kamikamiya
Damian Skylar
They Called Me Mad... by AgentXY14
Walking by Lezithian
Epic Girl
Shiny by AlyssaF
She still has a flail: Lady Falcon's B-Day by kamikamiya
In Agreement: Mirror's B-Day by kamikamiya
Secret Origins: How Agate Met Windy Pg.1 by kamikamiya
Green Strike
Coming This Christmas by Spoiler-Emblem
Sweet Caroline~ by starship-nope
Blind Date by kamikamiya
Charging Station by ShadowDancerBrony
Lady Falcon
She still has a flail: Lady Falcon's B-Day by kamikamiya
A day in the life of Legacy - Late Contest entry by capnron0001
Lord Lazarus
You're Gonna Make It: Lord Lazarus's B-Day by kamikamiya
earth-g doodles 3 by Dakt37
Mastermind the 2nd (Beyond Contest) by ZiaLightheart
You are challenged by Leader Mirror by sweetsnow73
Misc. Characters
Kamikamaze Krew Entry Prt 2: The Line Up by kamikamiya
Misc. Gargoyles
It's Still Disney Night by kamikamiya
Lookin' Good: Mometum's B-Day by kamikamiya
Muckmaw by DragonsLover1
Come Here Horny by The-G
Kindled by DragonsLover1
In Agreement: Mirror's B-Day by kamikamiya
So Be My Sparrow Maybe? by Spoiler-Emblem
Pony Buckin' Time by demongirl666
Full of P.U.S by The-G
never gonna give you up by KnownasSpooks
Enigmatic Year by The-G
Charging Station by ShadowDancerBrony
I'm Schizophrenic and So Am I by The-G
Sage Searchlight Edie
Nightlight Wedding: Game Time by kamikamiya
Sage Searchlight Eric
Nightlight by DragonsLover1
Other Searchlights
The Answer Teaches Snarker Human Customs by ShadowDancerBrony
Solar Battery
EG- Under Pressure by Spoiler-Emblem
B-day: Starburst Glomps The Marvel Universe by kamikamiya
The Answer
The Answer Meets Ninjess by ShadowDancerBrony
RETREAT: Velocity's B-day by kamikamiya
Voltaic Viscereine
Power Swap -Contest Entry Final by ShadowDancerBrony
Wonder Momo
Coming This Christmas by Spoiler-Emblem
The Big Z by starship-nope
Alternate Universes
Hamlin Beyond by starship-nope
ID Cards
Picture Perfect Problems by sweetsnow73
The Meme
Kami's Kouples Kiss Meme by kamikamiya
Past Contest Voting
EG AW Vote by The-G
a gift from santa mo by demongirl666
Barbaric Butterfly
In a Dish by Lezithian
Cat Ear Headphones by Kira-kitty15

Random from Featured

T.I.T.S. intro WIP by Dakt37 T.I.T.S. intro WIP :icondakt37:Dakt37 12 41 BLUE THUNDER by Dakt37 BLUE THUNDER :icondakt37:Dakt37 14 20 Earth-G Sprites Part 1 by DragonsLover1 Earth-G Sprites Part 1 :icondragonslover1:DragonsLover1 14 21 Valentine's Desire by DragonsLover1 Valentine's Desire :icondragonslover1:DragonsLover1 38 17 Sage Searchlight - Finito by DragonsLover1 Sage Searchlight - Finito :icondragonslover1:DragonsLover1 4 28 Skyward Battle by DragonsLover1 Skyward Battle :icondragonslover1:DragonsLover1 9 26 Welcome to Gotham City by RenValentine Welcome to Gotham City :iconrenvalentine:RenValentine 3 17 Ninja Art 4: Nananananananana by wonderlandmanga Ninja Art 4: Nananananananana :iconwonderlandmanga:wonderlandmanga 5 3

Current Contests

:bulletred: Hanzaamas - ENDS: December 31
So, it's been awhile. ^^;

Pam's journal got me thinking that it's been awhile since there's been some Admin action around this place so I figured it was time to rectify that. :iconherotimeplz: Okay so Pam's journal was awhile ago. That just shows how quickly my brain works. :paranoid:

Anyways...Earth G is not dead. While there's been a lack of contests/projects/journals etc that doesn't mean it's all over, even if it may have seemed like it. ^^; The thinking was that since everyone had been focused on other things (which is their right) then Earth G should wind down to accomodate that. It would feel douche-ish to throw contests in people's faces when they have more important things to deal with. ^^;

(It's at this point that I should say that Liss and Dakt have not signed off on this journal. That's right. I've gone rogue. 8-))

So yes, Earth G still exists. In whatever form it now exists in.

One of the reasons for this journal is to say that through Earth G I was able to meet many lovely people. (For the dudes out there...yes, I just called you lovely. Deal with it.) I don't take that lightly. It's quite the anxious experience starting a group (especially one with a weird premise like this one) to go through with it and have all you wonderful people appear and join in has been awesome (woman). So I absolutely would not throw that away just 'cause. Before Earth G started I looked around at other groups and saw that they seemed to exist to serve the founders. People seemed to create these fascist rules and make people do things a certain way and to a certain timetable or else they'd get the boot. Part of starting Earth G was to counteract that. To create a loose fandom where people could express themselves without having strict rules bearing down over them. It's at this point I direct you to Earth G's application rules. :lmao: But anyway, that's my way of explaining why there are quiet phases...and to express that I'm grateful that you all, for whatever reason, wanted to sign up for this craziness. :D

Now I should say that this is not the paragraph where I announce some new contests and projects to jumpstart member interaction. :lmao: No no no. It's just an explanation. To be honest, the reduction in Earth G's activity saddened me. I don't mean that in a guilt trip way. Like I said before, I understand other things must take precedent. But I do miss the active days. Plus...whatever happened to Kamikamiya? :confused:

Anyways, Earth G is still here and open for business. Now...with less Admin prompts. ;P But seriously, Earth G isn't going anywhere. The monthly contests may have stopped but that doesn't mean it's closed for business. Earth G will continue to exist indefinitely. Hopefully I'll get off my ass one of these days and draw something Earth G related. :no:

Until then...I hope you all know you are valued. I would take any of you over Zac Snyder or David Ayer anyday. :hug:

P.S - Yes. I thought BvS and Suicide Squad sucked.
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That's some cool stuff. :D

This group isn't really for fan art though. It's about creating characters based on DC characters. You're welcome to join if you want to do that...but we can't host fanart outside of those rules. Sorry about that.
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