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The 53rd D.C Universe

Welcome to Earth G!

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Ever wonder what the DC universe would be like if the characters were slightly less competent, a lot less angsty, and infinitely more fun?

Well, we did!

Earth G is for people to have fun with D.C Characters. It's not a serious attempt at creating a superhero universe, so it shouldn't be taken in that way. It's about celebrating and making light of the D.C Universe. You're more likely to see characters having food fights than epic scale battles to decide the fate of the universe.

Please take a look around the gallery if you aren't sure of our sense of humour and don't know if it's for you. Characters in the group are always open to being the butt of a be warned.

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow:HOW TO JOIN:bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred:
Step One: Create a character one part you, one part a DC Comics character, and three parts parody.

Step Two: Fill in the Character Application Form and send it to us in a note with the subject "New Earth G Character." We will get back to you!

Step Three: Once you have the go-ahead, you can draw (or have somebody else draw for you if you need) a reference picture of your character. Submit this reference picture to the Earth-G gallery.

Step Four: Once your character reference picture has been accepted into the gallery, you are officially a card-carrying member of Earth G!

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Current Contests

:bulletred: Safari Makeover Contest | Ends September 30th
:bulletblue: Earth G Tumblr Contest | Ends October 31st

Countdown to Gumblr

Thursday, October 30th @ 9:59pm

HURRY HURRY YOU GUYS!!! (this is how long you have left to enter the contest)

Countdown to Safari

Tuesday, September 30th @ 9:59pm

Until the Safari Makeover contest is over! (Get your entries in before the time is up!)
So some of you may remember that there was talk of doing some 24-hour comic day related shenanigans on October 4th, and we have come up with a master plan!

But we're not limiting the fun to 24 hours, so everybody gasp in awe as we reveal:

:spotlight-left: The First Ever Earth G Online Convention!!!! :spotlight-right:

Basically over the weekend we will be hosting a number of events and just all around encouraging everybody to come online and hang out with us. :) Here are the events we have planned:

:spotlight-left: EGO-Con Contest :spotlight-right:
So to kick everything off, we will be announcing a brand new weekend-only contest on Friday the 3rd at 6:00 pm CST. The reason I don't tell you all now the details on the contest is that it's a very time-limited'll only have until Sunday at 11:59 pm CST to create an entry! And be sure to enter this one guys, because we have some really cool prizes lined up (that will also be announced on the 3rd, but trust us, they are super awesome!).

:spotlight-left: Rise of the Chatroom :spotlight-right:
We want to keep the chatroom active for the whole weekend (well maybe sleep a bit too, but we'll see!), so drop in and chat with us! The chatroom will also be basically the HQ for the whole weekend, so important announcements and other shenanigans will be taking place there.

:spotlight-left: Livestreams :spotlight-right:
We're hoping to schedule a few livestream sessions over the weekend, so if any of you are interested in hosting one, let me know and we'll put you on the schedule!

:spotlight-left: Passaround Comic :spotlight-right:
This whole idea started with 24 Hour Comic Day, so we're going to celebrate by creating a collaborative comic over the weekend! If you have an hour or two to sketch a page (we want this to move relatively quickly so we're going to put a time limit on each don't worry about making a really polished page, just get those pencils moving and draw!), drop by the chatroom and let us know, and you'll go in the queue for the next page on the comic. If we have a ton of interest we'll probably have a few comics running at a time (we don't want people having to wait like 12 hours to get to their page ;) ) You don't have to sign up now, again, just drop into the chatroom over the weekend and let us know if you want in on the action!

:spotlight-left: 24 Prompts :spotlight-right:
Another tribute to EGO-Con's origins...24 prompts for art & fics, which you can use to get your creative juices going over the weekend and beyond! The list will be released on the 3rd, and we'll leave it up indefinitely so people can come back to it. No time limits on this one guys! If you want to participate over the weekend but don't want to do comic pages or deal with deadlines, this is the event for you!

:spotlight-left: Earth G Trivia Contest :spotlight-right:
A trivia contest to end all trivia contests! See if you know more about Earth G than the Retconners in this real time trivia contest, hosted by The-G in the chatrooms! (Schedule pending :) )

And of course anybody who wants to do a 24 hour comic on the 4th, you'll have plenty of company! :w00t:

We really hope you guys are as excited about this as we are, because we are frickin STOKED! :la:

Hope to see you there!

-The Admins
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Would you be interested in a group project on 24 Hour Comics Day? 

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